I have always preferred non-profits, small businesses, artists, bands and the like over the big corporations. The fact of the matter is, though, that these are the type of people and organizations that can’t always afford the rising cost of custom website design and development.

Does that mean smaller budgets need to suffer?

Well, for the longest time the answer was…yes. You either had to learn how to do it all really well yourself, spending hours upon weeks getting it right, or settle for less.

As my custom design and development services have risen, starting around $5000 now, I decided to put all of my know how into creating the perfect theme that will get results and look good doing it, at a much lower price point. Thus, Forage.

You can find always up to date information on all of my web design & development options over at the Forage site. When it comes to Forage + Woocommerce, the less expensive, e-commerce variety of Forage, here are the basics:

Lightning Fast, Easy to Use, Beautiful E-commerce Sites from $1499

This gets you?everything you absolutely need to run a successful online store. We work together to get your store up and running, using your colors, logo and fonts and my expertise on integrating payment gateways, setting up shipping and taxes, and search engine optimization.

Specifically, that includes:

  1. Gorgeous Design, which is simultaneously malleable enough to fit your brand / vibe, but easy to setup and without all of the bloat normal themes create.
  2. Web Standards Code, which in a nutshell means:
    • Built in SEO
    • A responsive site that looks great in all major browsers, on all devices
    • Advanced social networking
    • Accessibility
  3. WordPress Behind it All! Including free updates to everything that’s included with Forage + Woocommerce.
  4. Lightning Fast Hosting, for an additional $349 / year. This includes:
    • An SSL certificate so you can accept credit cards right on your site
    • Daily backups
    • A staging site so you can test any changes before putting them live on your site
  5. E-commerce Headaches Sorted. I take care of everything from start to finish to actually get your store functioning, including:
    • Accepting credit cards on your site, or optionally PayPal if you’d prefer
    • Shipping, Checkout & Taxes setup

So, What Will?You Have to Do?

You’ll need to add your site’s content and products to the website. This might include things like adding text and images on an?About Us page, and creating your products, uploading the photos, giving them prices and weights, things like that.?Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think. And I’m there to help with any questions all along the way.

What if I Don’t Want to Do Anything?

Well, no doubt you’ll need to have some amount of involvement, but I offer additional services (at an additional fee), like importing your content, writing content for you, more in-depth search engine optimization and more. Just ask!

What if I Need Functionality Not Included in Forage + Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the web, and WordPress is?the most popular content management system. They both support plugins, which allow you to add new functionality without needing to know how to code. Sometimes they’re free, sometimes they’re not, and sometimes the free ones will require a little customization to work perfectly.?Luckily, you’ve got me to help!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions!

Now that you know, let’s go!

Get Forage + Woocommerce